Tejon Tribe of California Federally Recognized

Earlier this week, the Bureau of Indian Affairs announced that the government-to-government relationship between the U.S. and the Tejon Indian Tribe has been formally recognized.

According to an article in The Bakersfield Californian there was documentation of a relationship prior to the 1970s when the Tejon Tribe was mistakenly excluded from the list of recognized tribes. The evidence was there, which helped to speed up the reaffirmation process. Although the process took 6 years, many other tribes have waited 5 times that period for recognition.

In a letter to the tribe, Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs, Larry Echo Hawk, stated,

[u]pon review of the facts and history of this matter, including prior Assistant Secretaries’ decisions, I herby reaffirm the federal relationship between the United States and the Tejon Indian Tribe, thus concluding the long and unfortunate omission of the Tejon Indian Tribe from the list of federally recognized tribes.

As a result of recognition, the tribe will gain access to federal resources and funding with which to serve their estimated 400 members. This means increased efforts in the areas of health care, education and housing. Another priority for the tribe’s leaders is securing land (in the central valley of California) upon which to establish a reservation. The tribe may also examine possible development of a gaming facility in the future.


  1. paisung yang says:

    In American history, indian was most poorly treated group, we should ask
    USA to paid indian back. Guarantee its protection in constitution. Otherwise
    USA may change his mind down in the future and indian get no protection again.

  2. Debra Rincon Lopez says:

    I hope that all Native people will be Recognized for who they are. It’s bad enough they stoled everything from us all? they can at least give us our Heritage & Culture back for our Ancestor’s History & our Childrens FUTURES.

  3. Tami "Ndneyz" Branham says:

    I agree with you fully Debra….I am part of a tribe that has not been federal recognized…but we won’t ever give up hope that one day all will recognize all native american tribes. Native Pride 4ever <3


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