EPA Launches Pilot “ecoAmbassador” Program for Tribal Colleges

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has launched the pilot year of its Tribal ecoAmbassadors program, which will provide funding for research at Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) to address environmental and health issues affecting their communities.

To apply, professors must submit a proposal that includes the specific problem to be researched — the issue, project goal, itemized budget request, timeline and other resources needed for the project. It should also include a course plan that would illuminate for students the steps required to conduct research and identify implementable solutions.

Applications are being accepted through July 29 from TCU professors who wish to establish independent study courses with tribal students on issues such as climate adaptation, air quality, water quality and waste management.

Selected Tribal EcoAmbassadors will each receive a grant and will be responsible for recruiting qualified students; participating in training sessions led by EPA; producing a report that outlines research, results and proposed solutions to the chosen topic; and presenting their research at a future meeting attended by both EPA and tribes.

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